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    Confused click-click-click noise


    I live on the top floor of a four-story apartment building in DC and have been experiencing a terribly annoying noise all winter long. The noise seems most frequent when it is cold, especially at night, and as best as I can describe it, it makes a "click-click-click" as if a mechanical switch is misfiring. The noise is coming from the top of the closet where our Carrier unit is, but our unit doesn't need to be on to hear the noise. It might be related to defrost mode, since sometimes we hear a "swoosh" sound and end of the "click-click."

    Our guy came to look at it and, of course, it wasn't making the noise then. He told us it must be something wrong with the roof part of one of the other units, but wasn't really helpful.

    We are nearing the point of insanity with this noise as we try to sleep. Can anyone help??? Thanks much in advance.


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    Call a tech to diagnose the system. There are alot of clicks in a system. No disrespect intended. That is a very open ended question..

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    what type of unit is it?

    could be about anything as previously stated!!!

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    record the noise, deduct from your rent!

    or track down the noise yourself, i know i would


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    Sounds like they old Trane check valves. Had one guy who wanted ventilate his unit with a 9mm. Drove him nuts, cop who worked nites.

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    Since you live on the top floor you may have several sets of refrigerant lines going through your mechanical closet, some belonging to your downstairs neighbors. If it's happening when your system isn't even running/calling for heat then it's probably someone else's unit. If so, it's going to be a trick trying to figure out which one unless you just camp out on the roof listening to all of them.

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    This old house topic

    I recently saw ask this old house, it's my version of diy porn, HO had same problem. Copper lines were expanding while in operation in metal straps and were replaced with plastic hanger straps. If your system is gas heat it might be elec ignition (takes a while to ignite) is malfunctioning/poor gas supply etc.

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