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    Repair vs. replace Carrier AQ38/40RR

    I have an old 6-ton commercial Carrier heat-pump AC system, 38AQ-40RR.

    The evaporator coil just bit the dust. We're looking to replace it, but it's a major operation just to get to the air-handling unit itself due to its location above a ceiling grid. Since we're going in anway, we're thinking ot replacing the whole air-handler unit instead of just the coil. It uses R22.

    * Can we replace just the inside unit with an r410a indoor air handler but still keep the same old rooftop unit?

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    Replace the whole thing it will be more cost effective in the long run.

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    Replace for sure

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    replace it but make sure that they change the 410-aTXV to a R-22 TXV, be sure to have a pro perform the work.
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