I have a walk in freezer with 2 Witt evaps. Both evaps have 3 terminal adjustable defrost termination stats. Not sure how these stats are suppose to work in a duel evap system. Does one stat just disable heaters on it's own evap temp rise and the other stat energize coil in defrost timer to terminate defrost cycle early or should both stats be capable of terminating defrost at the defrost timer? Or should both stats just disable heaters in their evaporators therefore forcing the defrost cycle to go on as set without heaters until end of cycle. My understanding is that these stats close on temp rise to energize coil in defrost timer so I don't see how they could disable heaters in the heater circuit. I'm confused just asking this question. I don't think I have a problem here I am just wondering if I have to deal with this someday. Thanks.