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    morrill motor and scotsman ice maker

    i have a outdoor fridge that had water damage due to a rain that flooded the bbq area and caused the fridge to short out, i diagnosed the problem and found out the fan was shorting it out, pulled the fan out and found the inside full of water. that being said I am in search of a replacement fan and can find where to buy one. it is a Morrill Motor
    part number- ssp-b2-uem1.
    spec.- .12A, 115 Volts, 60/50HZ, 1300 rpm CW

    any idea where i can purchase one online or wherever?
    I live in southern orange county, california.

    i also need a service center to come replace the fan in a scotsman icemaker DCE33PA-1SC. anybody know of and companys over here they can recommend.

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    Try Scotsmans website for a service co.

    Regarding your refrigerator motor. Most of these oddball motors are only available through the manufacturer. Get your manf. name model #, and serial # and you can try a parts warehouse like All Points. Or go straight to the manufacturer. They will point you at a distributer near you.

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