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    Carrier Thermidistat TSTATCCPRH01-B flashing arrow?

    The selection arrow next to "Heat" is flashing and "Heat" is not flashing. There is a clicking noise that can be heard as well.

    The only thing I can find via the online Manual for the Carrier Thermidistat TSTATCCPRH01-B is this:

    EQUIPMENT ON Indicator is displayed…
    When the cooling equipment is operating, the word COOL preceded by a small triangle is displayed below the cooling set point. When the heating equipment is operating, the word HEAT preceded by a small triangle is displayed below the heating set point.

    If the equipment turn on is being delayed, the triangle and the word will flash.

    NOTE: This indicator does not reflect a problem with your system

    My question is: What does the flashing arrow mean? if it doesn't reflect a problem with your system???

    The inside temp this morning was 62 - the outside temp is 40 - too cold!!

    The repairman has been called and should be on his way - I'm just curious to see if there is an answer to the question.


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    Flashing arrow means thermidistat in time delay.

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    I have the same Carrier Thermidistat. That being said, the only time the equipment on ( triangle) blinks is when the controller is in time delay. Why it's in time delay is by a staging or cycle timer. If you go to page 11 in the operating intstructions for the "Thermidistat Control" it will explain reasons for staging delay and cycle timer delays.

    I hope this helps some.

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    The repairman came and said that there was a short in the control pad outside that had the unit not turning on. The replacement part is somewhere outside and now waiting on UPS to deliver the part for him to return.

    Besides the flashing pieces on the thermostat my mom could hear clicking where the unit may have been trying to turn on but couldn't make the connection.

    The unit is now set on Emergency Heat and is heating - just using the propane more with that instead of on normal heating.

    Have the unit on Hold since programming or reprogramming is difficult to do long distance while assisting my mom via telephone and online manuals.

    Appreciate the information on the time delay and will note that in my 'trouble shoot' information - now to just find page 11

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