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    Oxygen use in a room with gas fireplace

    What are the possible problems with a person using oxygen in a room with a vented or ventfree gas fireplace. A lot of my customers are getting up there in age and some are on oxygen. I'm open to any tips or advice. Thanks.
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    Cool O2

    Rob, there should not be an open flame in a room with concentrated O2 flowing. That's the technical answer. In reality, I saw a lot of COPD patients on home O2 smoking back in my paramedic days. Yes, smoking with a nasal cannula delivering up to 6 liters per minute! I've also seen a cigarette smoke itself down in about one second when concentrated O2 hit it.

    An oxygen concentrator does not have a pressurized tank with o2, which is a little different. Sure, if Henry fell asleep sitting next to the Fp and his O2 tubing got too near it could be a problem. However, FiO2 in the room will remain 20.9% with these patients so don't worry about the room going hyperbaric. I would worry more about those situations where they spliced several O2 tubings so the patient was on a leash. I have seen these separate where it was dumping 6L/m out of the open tubing. You may on rare occasion find a pt. on a high flow mask, which can get up to 15L/min.

    I'd suggest an electric Fp for anyone on home O2 just to be safe.

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