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    Job satisfaction?

    Do you guys get any satisfaction out of doing control work?

    Back when I worked as an electrician I could look at a wall of panels and say that looked great and got a feeling of pride.

    When I used to work as an HVAC mechanic I got some satisfaction, although minimal, fixing stuff. I would get more satisfaction when running refrig piping.

    Programing/working with controls I get no real feeling of satisfation or pride. I feel as though I run from putting out one fire to the next without any tangable proof of workmanship. I don't think I ever hear anything positve. Stuff either works and you hear nothing or something doesn't(generally stops working) and you hear complaints. I used to have fun figuring stuff out but those feelings have past a couple years ago.

    What work would you guys do if you could start over again?

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    IV IV IX

    use your head for something other than a hat rack.......Gerry

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    Was in the teaching end of things before this. Last week I had dinner with some college instructors that I worked with. One asked me if I ever would consider going back to teach at the college (He was not impressed with some of the younger instructors lined up to take over from the old guys.)

    Trying to decide if I want to go back, There might be an opening in the fall for me.

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    You need to put all three together. That's really the way this field works. I've been doing controls most of my life except when the presonal computer showed up in our field and a new type of being started showing up on job sites that pretty much knew nothing aobut HVAC or controls but lots about computers and programming.

    Put all three fields together and life will get very interesting again. You will be challenged by the pure electrical side, enlightened by the refrigertion side and frustrated almost on a continued basis by the new types of control side folks and all their self justifying gadgets.

    One of the first things I do as a trouble shooted of all types of systems is attempt to issolate any type of software/computer system away from the HVAC hardware side of the system just to see which side has the problem.

    I spend a lot of time in an attempt to communicate with "control" guys of this generation while they attempt to avoid me.

    Get back to the basics of this field and you will be forever proud and challenged...and frustrated in that you now can not simply turn on/off a system without someone who has hooked up their own brand of controls that they sell needing to make an appointment, show up on the job site on time maybe, not notify you, hook up something electronic to their stuff, satisfy their mind that everything is honk doory and leave without even contacting you.
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    Wiring up controls is pretty satisfying.

    Doing up all the EMT and devices in a central plant is cool.

    Terminating and doing it slick, like waterfalls of cable, is satisfying, and profitible because it is done organized.

    This has got to be the one corner of the trades where organization and proper planning pays big divedends. Sloppy wire jammers belong in hell IMO, and they tank the job every time they are put in charge.

    Put down the computer, go back to the field.

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    Maybe wild creatures would listen to my opinion better than the engineers, mechanics and installers.

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    I went to college for a year in Australia majoring in Natural Systems and Wilderness Management. My dream was to become a park ranger on the Great Barrier Reef.

    Nowadays I keep people happy by tweaking parameters and/or cleaning up from the last guy. I do get satisfaction from tuning a PID real nice or saving the customer some $$$ by implementing a new strategy or just getting their system working right. But as the OP mentioned most of the time our toils go unnoticed.

    I do find being in the field is more rewarding then the office and/or being a third party commissioning agent (4 years in an office and 18 months doing DDC Cx). While I was in the office (after 10+ years in the field as an electrician and DDC tech) I was always itching to get back in the field and I took every unanswered service calls when our service guys were to busy in the middle of summer in Las Vegas. The commissioning thing was a good learning experience, it taught me that I would rather do the job rather then do the paperwork about the job being done.

    But if I could do it all over again, I would be cruising the GBR checking peoples fishing licenses and looking for the occasional missing tourist.

    kontrol out
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    Quote Originally Posted by willf650 View Post
    What work would you guys do if you could start over again?
    Video store VHS rewind boy.

    Oh wait, that's gone the way of the 8 track, guess I would stick with controls.

    Retro jobs, PLC & industrial applications, multimillion dollar homes, OEM arrangements, all perk my interest and keep me moving forward. Granted praise from occupants is far and few in-between, but refrig piping will not pat your back with praise either.

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    A manwhore.

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    Lately its been web development.

    Next week I may want to be an astronaut again.

    Or a flying tomato. I here they make good change,

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    Someone with a beard, sunglasses, fully automatic rifle, and an undisclosed identity. Somewhere in the world in an operational status. I couldn't pass the psych so I started in controls coz I was already crazy. hehehe.

    or freddy's pimp.
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