Early morning quiet time got a stutter when the pellet stove was dark and cold, instead of warm and inviting. After work I got a chance to wrestle my way into the back of it and remove the failed gear box attached to the pellet regulating shaft. Took it all apart and now it is my role to join Leonard Nimoy...in search of...

The gearbox fan motor and blades will be replaced also, so long as the dealer doesn't go bananas on the cost of that little motor. One of the four blades was broken off.
The lower gearbox fan blade was rubbing on its own power wiring...more of the blades were worn off than the jacket to the wire.
The exhaust box where the flue connection is made was nearly 1/2 full of ash anyway, so that is much more open now with less restriction.

And if that weren't enough, yesterday the vacuum breaker on my kitchen faucet went to pot and soaked down the joint.

Did I mention I get to move out of here soon. Maybe that's a good thing.