About 3 months ago, a customer contacted us about installing new/used equipment he bought in a store he was opening. He was given a price and had someone else do the install. Last week he called for service on a freezer he brought from old store. On arrival I was told the new freezers were not working. There are 4 freezers-a,b,c,d.All evap coils froze up.All cycle on lpc(wired betweed 1 and n on timer). Nothing hooked to 4 and x on timer (no t stat, lls,temp termation). Only 3 and n went to the cases. Timer c controlled case d and d controled c. All condensing units are r404a and systems are charged with r404a. The 2 txv's i saw are r22 txv's. My question is what would you do with this situation (walk away, run away, kick the owner in the stones, rip it apart and start over, burn everything.) I'm just asking a general question to get the post count up.Attachment 79722

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