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Don’t worry about changing oils. The new compressor takes care of that. As far as Cap tube length your supply house should be able to tell you that.

What is the mod # of the pump your replacing?
The condensing unit's label is difficult to read. It is a Tecumseh. I think the model number is 7A826640 though this number is not in any Tecumseh lists I have. The compressor model is: AE2415AA which decodes out to a low temp, high starting torque, 1500 BTU, R-12, 115VAC unit. The B/M number is: 2B503-2.

Tecumseh makes an R-12 condensing unit now that uses a similar compressor, condensing unit model AEA2415AABXC. The unit is about 9" high, the same height of the unit in my ice cream machine.

I don't see a similar condensing unit in R404A that has a 9-10" height. But I will check around some.