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    Who here is a fireplace installer? I have some questions about the frammed area that you put the fireplace in. It's in the middle of the house and it's a see thru. What should be done to the area that the fireplace sits in. Fire stop, drywall ,etc.

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    And the answer is:

    Read the installation manual for the fireplace you plan to install. It should answer most of your questions.

    Seattle Pioneer

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    Seattle is right....

    The installation manual should answer most of your questions. Follow the manufactures guidelines EXACTLY. Do not omit a step because you feel it is unimportant. The step was written for a reason. Make sure and pay close attention to clearances to combustibles, both with the firebox, opening in heat chamber, and vent piping. If the manufacturer doesn't mention fire stopping between stories of living space...I would still check with my local inspector to see what building code in your area is.


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