This lady went to her priest with her 2 female parrots. She told him that she was very embarrased by their language be cause they kept saying "hi we're prostitutes, would you like a good time?" The priest could understand how that could be so upsetting. He said " why don't you bring them over to my house because I have 2 male parrots who pray all day long and count their beads". "Maybe they could learn from my parrots". The woman and the priest thought it was a great idea so the next day the woman brought her 2 parrots and put them in the cage with the male parrots. Immediately the 2 female parrots started to say "Hi we're prostitutes, would you like a good time"? The one male parrot looked at the 2 female parrots then turned to his friend and said " drop the beads Fred, our prayers have finally been answered".