When President Obama publicly bad mouthed Las Vegas for a second time, I predicted that he would throw money at the town to get the really ticked off mayor to make him welcome again. Well, that's exactly what our Hussein did;
The first day of the trip was all politics. Obama campaigned Thursday for Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado in Denver, then held a $1 million fundraiser for Democrats in Las Vegas.
So why does President Obama still behave like he is still some sort of corrupt traveling salesman community leader?
The policy wrinkle comes during a two-day Western trip with different agendas for the president. He will be back in town-hall mode, a venue that aides say allows him to connect with people and distance himself from the messy process of Washington governing.
Gee, who'da thunk that this Fascist Dictator wannabe wouldn't want to have to deal with our governments' system of checks and balances that prevents us from having a Fascist Dictator?


Keep in mind folks, all of this is coming from the media that President Obama still has a pretty good hold on.