Got my new Kill A Watt (P3) meter in the mail the other day. Plugged in my fridge to see what my running wattage was. I could hear the motor running but it was only showing around 200 watts. I expected it to be more around 1000 watts so I let it run and checked it periodically.

After 60 hours it only shows 4.4 KWH used which also sounds low. The motor cuts on a lot more than it used to (fridge is 1997 vintage) so I was expecting to see it using a lot of power. It is doing a decent job keeping the contents cold/frozen so I know the compressor is running. Sort of seems like the motor must be cutting on some times but not necessarily the compressor? I have yet to see it pulling the 1000 watts or so it must use when operating the compressor.

This morning I watched it after I had opened the door a time or two for breakfast. The motor cut on but it only showed 166 to 200 watts. My voltage and frequency is fine (121v, 59.9 hz). I’d think the compressor was not working right except my inside temps are good. I’m confused.