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Thread: JCI code

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    JCI code

    Does anyone have JCI N2Open source code?

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    Maybe Steve Jones from the S4 Group.
    See this thread

    Also, see Mr. Jones' comment on this thread

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    Ask JCI for it and they will give it to you at no charge. There is a request form on the internet somewhere. Fax it over and they will likely send it over in 6-8 weeks.

    I assume anyone requesting it will be subject to same agreement that I had to sign when I requested it. Distribution outside of the company would be a great way to get sued.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddc-tech View Post
    Does anyone have JCI N2Open source code?
    Good day ddc-tech,

    JCI does not release the source code, only the protocol specification. It is up to you to review, interpret, and write your own firmware. Secondly be advised that there are actually three protocols that communicate on the N2 bus only which N2Open is the only one that JCI formally releases.

    If you have a specific question about the N2 protocol(s), please post it and I or someone else may be able to provide some answers for you.



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