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    Surge/Lightning Protection

    Was just curious what everyone is doing here.

    I was told that Echelon recommends using gas-type like this. If a segment of the network is outside the building, every controller on the network will need one.

    Is this sufficient? How about from the power source? I saw an older post where the HSP-121BT1RU (Kele) was suggested.

    Bidding on a 5 year full service contract and looking at reducing our liability. Would a combination of the two be overkill?

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    The DLU-170, the DLA-170, and the FAS-TEL are designed to work on telephone lines. They are designed to have up to 130V on them and not start working before 170V. They are designed for low current lines, 300mA and 150mA respectively.

    The HSP-121BT1RU is designed to protect your equipment on 120V AC circuits.

    The other DLA and DLU surge protectors have different voltage protection operating ranges, from 25V to 70V depending on the type of network you are hooking it up to.

    I would think if you are concerned with lightning strikes you would want one on your network side and your power side. If there is a possibility of a surge due to a strike on one there would be a possibility of a surge on the other.

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