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    Chiller 19XR remote alarm dry contact info

    We have a chiller model 19XR4043321CDH which has a remote alarm dry contact that also turns on an LED on the front of the control panel. Does anyone know what conditions cause this alarm. I need to know all conditions that cause this alarm. I do not have the original documentation for this chiller and do not perform any of the work on it. The signal for this alarm relay comes from output CH44 on the PSIO module if that helps.
    Any help would be great.

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    What you have is basically, the PSIO board indicates an alarm. I'm not going to list every alarm which causes a trip but for example: lost h20 flow, bearing temps, oil pressure, excessive surge etc. An ALERT will not trip the machine, but will indicate low temps or pressures. Some trips are discrete (set of contacts) or analog off a transducer or temp sensor w/programmed limit. The remote dry contact is set up EMS you may have something on these points, all that will do is let ems know there is problem w/ the chiller. Go to the carrier web-site, go to literature, type in the 1st four of the model & get you an IOM. Hope this can help.
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    Can this be used for status

    The end goal of my asking is to determine whether this output can be used to indicate status on/off of the chiller. Am I correct in saying that not all alarms will disable the chiller and that this cannot be used for status. I am going to look on their site for the OIM. Thanks for such a quick response.

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    I guess a better question would be: what is always true when the chiller is "ON" or chilling. Is there a piece of equipment that is only powered when chilling. I could use relays or a current switch to get my status. The answer may be obvious to someone who works with this equipment but I only work with building control systems and not mechanical equipment. I would rather be sure by asking someone that knows their stuff. Thanks again.

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    If you're looking for run status, then alarm contacts aren't the place to go. I don't know this machine intimately, but there's probably a run status relay in the panel that you can tie on to. If not, get a hawkeye with current activated relay contacts and put it on one of the power legs going to the chiller motor, or if it's an electromechanical starter, find an open set of N/O auxiliaries on the compressor contactor and use it.

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    Thanks so much

    You guys are awesome. Thanks so much!!!!!


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    X2 what Klove stated.

    A current relay around one of the motor leads is the simplest way to prove that the chiller is online and doing what it's supposed to be.

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    All the dry contacts are going to tell you is that a start command was issued and the chiller didn’t start or faulted on any # of issues. The screen will freeze at the time of the failure and give you a Primary and Secondary message; from there you have to look it up in the manual.

    There should be contacts in the Starter that can give you run status.

    What starter is being used?
    What operating system is being used?

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