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    We installed a new 15ton carrier rooftop, had crane come in, we are a union shop and crane was non union and we didnt know it. Well needless to say the picketers showed up along with the crane. 1st pic is the non union crane. we did not cross their picket line and had to tell the crane to hit the bricks.

    now the second pic about 4 hrs later the union crane shows up that we called, he was a happy go lucky guy.

    the reason he was happy cause when we got the old unit off and the curd to the roof it was wrong... had a hard time to make it fit. Alot of transition work to do but we did it.

    I forgot my cam today for the finished work but it dont look 1/2 bad.
    dont hire a non union crane when your union is what we found out. It was the office fault.

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    Where's the picketers?
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    A lift is a lift.
    It was the non-union crane companys fault the curb did'nt fit?
    We've been doing so much,for so long,with so little, that now we can do almost anything, with nothing at all.

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    I hope the first Crane Company sends you a bill. They showed up and were ready for work.
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    Is that what you union guys call a crane? I think it's the same truck that delivered the sod I bought from home depot last week. No wonder it cost so much.

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    no the 2nd guy was hapy cause he sat there for 5 hrs til we got the curb in place, more dough for him and yes the 1st crane had a 2 hr min on rate, yes he is biling. Me complaining NOPE i thought it was kind of funny myself. I am there to do a job I could care lees who lifts it. I am a reg joe schmoe for now.

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    Fortunately we have a great rigging company here in town. They are now charging a 3 hour minimum but they are always on time and do a super job. The company is called Burgess Bros. They have an all terrain fork lift, a 30 ton, 60 ton and 100 ton crane.

    The company is the oldest corporation in Vermont. It has been in the Burgess family since the late 1700's. They started out as a stage coach company that took people over the mountain and down into Massachusetts.

    If you have a 4 WD (which is a must up here) you can still take the old stage coach trial over the mountain. It is still the same as it must have been in colonial times. It is really a history rush.

    How's that for a deversion from the subject?

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    Who was picketing? Union crane operators? I didn't even know crane operators could be in an union.


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    Crane operators are under the IUOE, International Union of Operation Engineers. Are you with the UA lakeerie?

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    *Operating Engineers

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    It was the operating engineers out of Pittsburgh Pa. who was strinking the crane company

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