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    I am lookin for a position with any one that can give me a chance to gain more experience in all areas of HVAC
    I have a universial EPA certification in refrigeration and a/c as a tech
    if you or anyone has a job lead in valparaiso, south bend or on the south east part of chicago ill. please contact me at the phone # 219-878-8929 so I hope you can send me the leads or if you are the one hiring I would be grateful if you could allow me to discuss any position you might have with the oppurtunity to gain experience and better equip myself for the field.

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    southern california
    aint nothing going on in NW indiana,I have family in la porte, I live in san diego. I know some people in indianapolis who might be looking as I lived there for a while, on flip side, there is more work than anyone can handle out here, granted traffic is bad, and housing is expensive, but I dont shovel snow in the winter !!!!!

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    Thumbs down Indiana is a joke!

    Robert, I don't mean any disrespect to you or anyone else from Indiana but.... I was born and raised in Portage IN and went to Ivy Tech. in Valpo as you probably did. After completion I thought surely I would land a killer job in the field with some great company but soon found out just the opposite to be true!! unless your father or uncle etc. own an hvac business it's near impossible to find anything in that area sad but true. I don't mean to discourage you just my experience as well as my classmates. After looking for around 2 years, I moved to Mesa,Arizona where there is plenty of work and no winter!!! My 2-cents on Indiana. P.S. Bill Williams was a cool instructor!! I wish you luck in your search!!

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    Indiana is OK!

    Look in the Fort Wayne area. My company is not currently looking, but this area needs techs bad.

    Good luck.

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    Hvac 915 just hit it right on the head. I'm here in Northewest Indiana and at this point, I'm ready to bail. This part of the country is so damn corrupt as far as being able to even get an opportunity (unless you know someone or have a relative in the place already). That's why my last posting on this site was to anyone employer that's looking for someone who's ready to relocate. It's because you can't even get an oportunity around here. I also went to Ivy Tech and that school is a joke. Talk about teaching you absolute garbage that you'll never use in the field. And sorry hvac 915, but while Bill Williams might have been a good teacher when you where there, he isn't worth anything now. Now, I don't claim to have been an expert in the field when I started school, but even I knew that I wouldn't need to know how many b.t.u's it would take to turn a 10 pound block of ice at 20 degrees into 212 degree steam in the field. While it was an interesting thing to learn in the beginning, it got really old after 35 weeks of this type of garbage over and over again. He can't even start a class on time (class is supposed to start at 8 a.m, but he finally starts at 8:30, then sends you home at 10:30 when the class is supposed to go until 11:50 a.m). I totally agree about having to leave this area if you want to be able to get an opportunity. I'm trying to get my wife to understand this exact same thing. I'm glad I wasn't the only one out there who figured this fact out. I've lived in N.W Indiana my whole life and hvac 915 is right, this place sucks.

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