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    if it is thirty years old it must be energy guzzler compared to the current version equivalent machines. The compressors equipped may be semi hermetic or hermetic reciprocating which is out dated even in developing countries.
    Refrigerant must be either R-12 /R-22 which need to be phased out legally.
    Manufacturers have differential rates for Maintennace contract up to 5 years and there after up to 10 years.
    Hence if it has worked for 30 years by any stretch of imagination needs to be replaced.

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    HVAC lifecycles and cars are a lot alike. Expectations regarding reliability, safety, and efficiency compare. What kind of car does the bean counter drive, ask why. If he/she says a '74 dodge dart, you know you have your work cut out.

    Times are tough and the knee jerk reaction is to postpone major expenses. Perhaps you are overlooking a "silver lining", the repeated repair bills may offer a more profitable margin for you than a new unit under warranty?

    ASHRAE is the leading authority and widely accepted as such. Copyrights keep a lot of their stuff from casual internet circulation. 2007 ASHRAE HVAC applications handbook/Ch 36 covers "Owning and operating costs" including economic analysis methods. Most energy providers are proactively pushing energy training these days, I bet your local provider has a library with this handbook waiting for you to borrow.

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    many times when you have this type of situation, the new equipment comes with a new logo on the contractors vans. usually its due to their ability to sell it in a different way. for example, you are trying to sell on age. why not look at other things, such as total cost of operation. maintenance and repair cost, plus utility cost. how about upgrading the office environment, can you offer economizer that isnt used now, environmentally friendly refrigerant, how about web based controls that allow remote access and alarming? are there any tax advantages or local utility rebates to offset the costs? what about say financing? there are soo many reasons to focus on upgrading, you need to find the one that hits home for them. the emergency breakdown routine and costs may help depending on what it serves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by w8tn4rtmnt View Post
    Hope someone can help me here! I have to sell a customer on the fact that their hvac system is at or approacing "THE END". The bean counters are not so concerned with the technical aspects of their broken down and inefficent old system, but more concerned with how long the average system lasts. Does anyone know where there is some "PUBLISHED LITERATURE" concerning the life expectancy of hvac equipment. This paticular equipment is a 30 year old Carrier split system (20 ton). Economizers' are disconnected, compressor unloaders don't work, Acid in oil, etc. This equip. is ready to go. They don't want to put the money in it to polish it up, and don't want to spend the money to replace it.
    10 to 15 years on any equipment.

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