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    Question Absorption Chiller Issue

    Has anyone had ay issues with an absorption chiller made by Robur "Servel"?
    Model ACF60.
    We seem to have to keep changing the circuit board on these guys (we have 4) and can't seem to find a cause for the problem. Just wondering if I'm the only one with this issue.

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    I dont get to work on that equipment often but I know with other manufactures if you tap the transformer incorrectly you might have too low or too high of voltage which can screw up the board. Make sure you have a good ground. Do you have a fuse for the control side?? If not I would recommend having one on load side of transformer and another one on the load side of the board just in case there are wiring issues outside the unit. Do you like the equipment?? we installed a few for a building for the boiler efficiency. It is an air source heat pump and they are raving about the energy savings. They are well built from what I can see

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