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    Unhappy Problems with Quadra Fire Mt Vernon pellet stove

    Stove goes through initial startup but fails to keep adding pellets to fire to keep it going. It burns out the initial dump of pellets and then goes through start up cyclec all over again. The ignition coil remains hot through the whole process and doesn't cool down.

    Gettings answers from dealer is like talking to my dog. Any ideas as to what the problem is?


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    hearth.c o m may be a better source

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    Could have to do with the thermocouple. Make sure the ceramic cover is pushed all the way onto the T/C. What may be happening is that the T/C is not reading any heat so it never gets out of start up to add more pellets. If the cover is pushed on tight up against the end of the T/C then the T/C may be bad.
    Good Luck

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    Is this the AE stove with the large screen digital thermostat? If it is, do you get any errors on the screen?

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    Bottom vents

    I had this exact problem. I put in assorted new parts at some cost. Nothing worked.

    What I finally did was to pull the ash pan out, and looked at the bottom of the fire pot. What I found was that the little vent holes at the bottom of the fire pot were all clogged with ash. I took a bent paper clip, reached up in and cleared all these vents. Since then, I have had no more of these issues.

    It is my understanding that with these vents clogged, the air isn't being drawn through the fire pot well enough to get the fire hot enough to trigger and fire pot probe. If this probe doesn't reach 200 F it doesn't trigger. As I say, without proper air flow, this temperature apparently isn't reached and maintained.

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    As a by the way, when I say probe I mean the thermocouple.

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