Hello All,
We have a 23XL that is a back up machine so it sits sometime for months. Back in the summer wouldn't unload one night but that cleared up the next morning. It ran well for a month or so then was shut down for a month or so. When restarted it wouldn't load.

Per the service buletin, we tried the "energize both the load and unload solenoids at the same time" trick to no avail.

So, we transfered the refrigerant and pulled the slide valve assembly.
When we opened up the cylinders, sure enough the seals were bad and that's why it couldn't load but we can also see some "gunk" left behind at the back (loaded) end of the cylinder from the stuck seal that was the cause of the failure to unload back in the summer.

Anybody ever see these machines do this before? Any ideas why? Most importantly how to stop it from happening again? Besides of course the obvious: run it more often. Maybe these girls just don't like to sit.

It is a "Frame 4" machine with "VI". It has 46k on it and Carrier rebuilt the slide valve (and then some) at about 4 years ago at 36k after the screws ate it.

Also, the local Carrier branch wants almost $2400 for the vavious seals and o-rings. All "soft parts" mind you. Any suggestions for an alternate part source? It's a T&M job so it's not hurtin' me so much but that just seems like alot of money...