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    Quote Originally Posted by ifshrkng View Post
    I am an experianced hvac- refrigeration Tech. I have Fifteen years experiance and am still young enogh to lift and haul. I am currently in the fernandina and jacksonville area for the week. I would like to interview with any interested employers. I am here house searching for the week to relocate in the area. I hear there is a lot of work. I mailed resumes out before i came down im still looking for the companies with all the work. Thanks, all inquires welcome

    Joel Schlossberg
    Cell 732-684-6512
    Fla. 904-491-8002
    Primary Phone: 732-714-1980

    To obtain a position as an Air Conditioning/ Heating/Refrigeration Mechanic.

    Employment History:

    Employer: Hamer Refrigeration. Title: Service Manager/ Technician
    Location: Brick, NJ Duration: 10/2000 - Present
    Job Duties: Supervised shop and field crews analyzed customer needs, calculated costs, man hours and customer pricing, counseled customers on sales of equipment and systems, designed layout, adapted units as needed. Installed systems, programmed systems, explained use to customers. Organized work orders and installation teams, supervised work crews, managed repair shop, assisted owner in administration of business, trouble shooting and repair of all installed systems.
    Installed Draft Beer Systems.

    Employer: Petro, Inc. Title: HVAC Technician
    Location: Lakewood, NJ Duration: 03/1995 - 10/2000
    Job Duties: Fuel oil and gas fired furnace maintenance and repair. Worked with hydronics, low pressure steam, air conditioning, small plumbing repair, system shutdown and activation, preventive maintenance, problem solving and consulting.

    Employer: Long Branch Ice and Fuel Title: HVAC Technician
    Location: Long Branch, NJ Duration: 01/1992 - 03/1995
    Job Duties: Trouble shooting, preventive maintenance and installation of HVAC equipment.


    Major: Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Degree: Vocational Apprenticeship
    School: Ocean County Vocational Technical School Completion Date: 05/2001
    Location: NJ

    Major: Basic Electricity and Electronics Degree: US Navy "A" School
    School: United States Navy
    Location: IL

    Skills and Abilities:

    Conducted Inventory Control, Cash Control, scheduling, Line installation, Installation of Heating and Cooling Units, Reading Schematics and Ladder Logic, Small Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Loss Prevention, Parts Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving, Warehouse Operations, Hiring and Firing, Team Supervision, Line Voltage Testing, Rough and Final Installations of All Types of Equipment, Control Systems, Relays, Gas Valves, Pneumatic and Hydronic Systems, Low Pressure Steam, Hydro Air, Light Plumbing, Brazing Fuel Oil Systems, Duct Work, Humidification/Filtration, Ice Machines, Refrigerant Recovery, VAV Box. Scheduled PMS.

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    Contact Howard services, they are always looking for guys.

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    Wow I think you just about nailed it..!

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    Quote Originally Posted by -459FZPE View Post
    Wow I think you just about nailed it..!

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    Quote Originally Posted by philscott View Post

    I have been out of service business and in the consulting engineering business from 1987 to 1998... and apparently the HVAC service technician quality has tanked completely in many areas. I was posting an HVAC news group a while back. Mostly residential guys. I wont comment. Some were bright on some issues though.

    I can tell you for sure that quality coming out of american engineering offices would blow your mind...too many storys to tell. Just totally south in the 80 to 90% range. People with no clue. A 5% competency rate from my perspective. 40% able to issue something that a contractor could at least build into something workable...and fully 50% producing nothing less than complete disasters.. the contractors re-engineer the job after they get it.

    On the HVACR trade this is a union shop area, SF Calif, 80% on anything good sized. they have some training programs.
    I see no shortage of disasters coming from many operating 'engineers'... but most of the constuction union guys you run into will not screw up totally, and if they do, it will be done neatly...and everyone shows up.

    When I was in Dallas Tx at Texas instruments engineering electronics fabs and running the projects I found a very high competency rate among virtually everyone that contracted work on the site... the last of that was in 1998.

    Florida sounds like an exception...but somehow, with negative tax incentives for working hard these days, and the baby boomers starting to retire...I suspect this disaster will spread.

    If thats right, could I get a few guess on the spread rate, and a prognosis on what will result.

    I am interested that with service so bad in florida that some company doesn't just do it right at a much higher rate. Offer fast service and 100% warranties or whatever.

    Why is that strategy not being tried... or why is the tactic failing in florida? Are the strip malls and hookers all broke or something?

    Is it a third world demographic taking the whole place down? If that the case, the problem will spread fast as illegals start filling spots vacated by those retiring.

    A person will have to structure for that unless he wants to compete at the 15 dollar an hour level.

    Phil Scott

    Glad someone bumped this thread.Priceless. I gotta agree that its the engineers ruining this trade. those Mfers otta have to come and service some of this s##t. WSHPs in the ceiling??what geniuses
    eventu rerum stolidi didicere magistro

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    Quote Originally Posted by webea/c View Post
    Exactly. I want to here new ideas, just don't insist on the "Northern Way" and we'll get along great. Coming to Tampa area?

    Check with me.

    Florida diffinately needs talent, but not the criticism.
    Having spoken to a major flight school a few years ago that wanted me to teach avaition to bright young faces, I can tell you this:

    Florida needs to offer some wages that are above the 1975 level. You want talent? Pay for it.
    [Avatar photo from a Florida training accident. Everyone walked away.]
    2 Tim 3:16-17

    RSES CMS, HVAC Electrical Specialist

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    Quote Originally Posted by cg2 View Post
    WSHPs in the ceiling??what geniuses

    Ya that is close to being the crappiest thing I've ever seen around here, makes for a very fun compressor change out

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    Quote Originally Posted by -459FZPE View Post
    Ya that is close to being the crappiest thing I've ever seen around here, makes for a very fun compressor change out
    hmmmm the guy who decided on that must have a relative in new york that does the same thing.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by replyhvac View Post
    Hello fellow dreamers. Thinking about Florida? Well, think again. This is the winter home of "carnival workers". What does that tell you? I will tell you. Granted, this is only an opinion, so judge for yourself. (legal disclaimer).
    The following opinion may not be totally accurate (although I think it is), so with that in mind, keep an open mind.
    Want to relocate to the land of sunshine. A better description would be, the land of dumb-shines. This is the land of hillbillies, stupidity, and just plain ignorance.
    Want to grab a service job? No problem. Can you say everyone of your co-worker's is a lazy mutha-f----r. The native language down her is NASCAR. The highest educational credential down here seems to be a G.E.D. Sure, you can have a job. How about getting payed in peanuts? They learned that from Georgia, home of Jimmy Carter (another loser), who farmed peanuts across the border. Just wait until they present you with your service van. Never mind that it's all f----, up and dirty with leftover bull**** from the most recent inbred that they had on the payroll. This is Florida, please smile. Oh, and yes, we don't know anything about laptops and software. We only deal in lap dances and "hard-on's". Can you say BILLY BOB? We specialize in getting contracts from pizza parlors run by greasy mafia types who came down her from New Jersey or bull**** malls that cater to Britney Spears types. That's why we advertise for "industrial technicians". You have to be "industrial", to put up with this nonsense. Oh never mind, too much negative vibes. This is Florida. Enjoy the pollen burning your eyes out. Enjoy the West Nile Virus. Enjoy the long list of criminals on the Sheriff's website (coming to a neighborhood near you).
    But hey, why forfeit making anywhere from $2.00 bucks an hour (for a basic slave) up to $20.00 an hour for a full fledged Master Ass Kisser (leftover from the Civil War).
    Don't you just love it BOSS? Freedom of speech in full bloom. Well, maybe. Depends on you.
    Anyway, drop me a note on this website if YOU WANT THE TRUTH.
    sounds like somebody has a broken compass and it told the msouth was north lmao

    i am sure glad you didn't get impatient and trun left on I-40 and head into here

    there is enough already lol

    guess freedom of speech is a two way street
    If Guns Kill People, Do Pencils Misspell Words?

    Before we work on artificial intelligence why don't we do something about natural stupidity?

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