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    Apr 2002
    Dallas TX
    Well after bad dreams all night and then coming here I feel much better now. Thanks for the laughs.

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    Nov 2000
    Coastal Georgia

    Thumbs up

    These type post are good Yankee repellant. Keep them up.

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    Brick, NJ

    Hmm replyhvac

    Damm sun dude. some one piss in you cherios? Or did you make out those checks to soon. Another pay you tommorow customer? You are really going to scare off those young guys who are going to do all heavy work in a few years when your knees get tired and your back is stiff.

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    Sarasota. Fl
    Damn, now I know why my boss loves me.

    I got a brand new van after 90 days(247 miles on it)

    I get sent to more training classes than you would believe.

    Each truck in our fleet is equiped with an H-10,digital charging scale,seven differant refrigerants,recovery machine and cylinder,spare oxy and ace..etc

    With spares at the shop in case you break one.

    Trane stocks our parts warehouse so its always organized and has plenty of everything.

    We get profit sharing, health insurance,tool account and free tool replacement.(if broken on company time)

    Our Current commercial accounts include: Hooters,BurgerKing,Mcdonalds,Outback Steakhouse,Lonestar Steakhouse,Miami Subs,Applebees......etc

    We charge $89 an hour.

    We run most of Carrier`s 10 yr P&L`s in our county.

    And we are a Florida company.

    "Pollen burning your eyes"...........YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With an attitude like that you would not make it to "lunch break".

    I lived in Michigan for 21 yrs,been down here six.

    I can honestly say moving down here was the best decision Ive ever made.


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    Coastal Georgia

    I lived in Michigan for 21 yrs

    Oh, now we know.

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    Apr 2003
    you go miami mike!!!!

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    May 2003
    Sarasota. Fl
    $50 bucks says hes working in the middle of the state.

    Go to the coast.

    "Dash" runs a real respectable company.

    Apply there,his website is attached to his posts.

    (sorry dash)

    Actually you should move to Georgia.

    James 3528 will you give him a job?

    I bet you guys would get along great.

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    Apr 2004
    Dude, You need to go to the beach and lay in the sand and watch your NATIVE FLORIDIAN wife play in the water. Oh thats me.

    Seriously, If this is the attitude you have at work don't come applying at my company. We have fun and weekends off, except for one guy on call.

    Remember where you live and work. We have four of the top ten beaches in the world right here in Florida. FOUR OUT OF TEN IN THE
    W O R L D MAN!

    For those of you wondering:

    Fort Desoto Park
    Sarasota/Siesta Key

    Nothing better than watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico, except in Miami, of course.

    Oh, and YES. I don't care how you do it up north either. If you don't like it here. Go home. And we speak spanglish here.

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    Well replyhvac, if i felt like you do,I would place a STAMP on my ASS and go back to NJ,corect me if Iam wrong.

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    Attitude is so important in every thing we do in life.

    If ya cant stand the heat .... then git outa the kitchen!

    If you dont like the people who live in your area, then your just not a compassionate human being! Pure and simple!!!

    You claim tomake fun of the names, Billy Bob ... but those are true Southern names.

    You come across like a redneck.

    Your in someone else's homeland, your in someone else's territory and your callin them names!
    Plus ... on top of this .... your claiming they're wrong and your right!

    Look sucka ... you wouldnt last five seconds where I came from.

    During the last big riot in Los Angeles, I was there with a stranger standin next to me at a payphone.
    We heard a big explosion down the block ... I asked the man next to me if we should duck, or was that just a car backfiring?
    Even though I'm not from his neighborhood, he busted out laughing!!!

    It was funny. It was an "ice breaker" statement.

    If I can get along in a black neighborhood, around the time of a big riot ... still fresh in the air ....and I am not a man of color myself ... then I figure it is more about who you are as a man, and less about what your education is or your skin color or your position in life or your job ...

    If you were just venting ... hope you feel better now.

    However ... if you really beleive what you wrote, and would do it all over again ..... your in need of a "change of heart".

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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    Yeah ,"A change of heart".

    The Southerners Prayer:

    Dear Lord ,let those that love us,continue to love us,and those that don't Lord ,please can you change their Hearts.

    Dear Lord,if you can't change their Hearts,surely you can

    Twist their ankles ,so we'll know them by their limping!!!

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    I just started job searching in Fla. I love it down there, my girls want to move and the wife ???? I had an interview with Mickey and a wholesaler and I got job offers with both. But there are 2 others I have resume's in that I'm hoping to get an interview.
    Hopfully by mid summer I'll be there!! I LOVE FLORIDA !!!

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    I'm moving south real soon and I am from michigan however it sounds like I wont be to well recieved down there............... so much for southern hospitality.....

    I would never impose a so called "northern philospy" on anyone...

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