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    Hello fellow dreamers. Thinking about Florida? Well, think again. This is the winter home of "carnival workers". What does that tell you? I will tell you. Granted, this is only an opinion, so judge for yourself. (legal disclaimer).
    The following opinion may not be totally accurate (although I think it is), so with that in mind, keep an open mind.
    Want to relocate to the land of sunshine. A better description would be, the land of dumb-shines. This is the land of hillbillies, stupidity, and just plain ignorance.
    Want to grab a service job? No problem. Can you say everyone of your co-worker's is a lazy mutha-f----r. The native language down her is NASCAR. The highest educational credential down here seems to be a G.E.D. Sure, you can have a job. How about getting payed in peanuts? They learned that from Georgia, home of Jimmy Carter (another loser), who farmed peanuts across the border. Just wait until they present you with your service van. Never mind that it's all f----, up and dirty with leftover bull**** from the most recent inbred that they had on the payroll. This is Florida, please smile. Oh, and yes, we don't know anything about laptops and software. We only deal in lap dances and "hard-on's". Can you say BILLY BOB? We specialize in getting contracts from pizza parlors run by greasy mafia types who came down her from New Jersey or bull**** malls that cater to Britney Spears types. That's why we advertise for "industrial technicians". You have to be "industrial", to put up with this nonsense. Oh never mind, too much negative vibes. This is Florida. Enjoy the pollen burning your eyes out. Enjoy the West Nile Virus. Enjoy the long list of criminals on the Sheriff's website (coming to a neighborhood near you).
    But hey, why forfeit making anywhere from $2.00 bucks an hour (for a basic slave) up to $20.00 an hour for a full fledged Master Ass Kisser (leftover from the Civil War).
    Don't you just love it BOSS? Freedom of speech in full bloom. Well, maybe. Depends on you.
    Anyway, drop me a note on this website if YOU WANT THE TRUTH.

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    I forgot to include definitions....

    Sorry, I fogot to include useful definitions for those of you coming down here.
    Super heat: What you get at a local strip club watching a Floridian whore dance naked in July (and she actually has teeth).
    Paycheck: What you better do when you get payed (check your pay).
    Service call: That's what they do down here. They call, and call, and call, for service, again, and again, after Billy Bob was there.
    Sunshine State: Just another cheap title for a porno star. You figure it out. She can shine my sun anytime, just get those teeth fixed baby.
    Licensed Contractor: ?
    Orange Juice: Either it's another porn star, or we have another licensed contractor doing business. You tell me.
    Hell, maybe it's Florida Power coming out with some new type of voltage. You tell me.
    I could go on and on, but remember - this is only a parody.
    For you hillbilly types, that means joke.

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    damn replyhvac....who or what in Florida peed you off? Very interesting analogy of life in the Sunshine State. I copied your posts for future reference if Boss decides to delete them. Some, (notice I said some), of what you say is true not only in Florida but in 49 other states.
    It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, for we are in deep crap.

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    Kingsport, Tennessee


    Wow, I was thinking of moving to Florida in the next few years. The Hvac market sound exactly like where I am now!

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    I tend to agree...if a new guy shows up 3 mondays in a row here, he is considered a senior mechanic. No training, pay scales right outta the 1980's, installations that would make the "wall of shame" look like a training manual...ect

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    You're just mad because you lost your job with the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Maybe you can get a part time gig with Welcome Wagon. Roger
    If you don't have the time to do it right the first time, when will you have the time to do it over?

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    Actuallly florida had tiered licensing and it the contractors exam was not open book but how many actually have the license that are doing the work is another story. Florida has no state income tax so license everything including strippers they need their own license too but they do not have to take an exam. Payscale for construction has gone up there it was hard to find an illegal to work for $10 cash when I left. The pricing between companies is very competitive and there are lots of competition but $45 was the average rate for a service or mainetance call when I was there. But most of what you said is true and can be found in Florida. The one thing I liked about it was my business started do well fast because I would show up for the service calls. I had to laugh one of the companies in the county I was in actually had "WE SHOW UP" as advertising on their van no mention as to what quality of work they do when they get there but thats Florida!
    thehumid1-------I live in NJ, a state where it's free to come in but you have to pay to leave!

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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    Replyhvac,Thanks a lot!

    I was "fixin tuh" as they say here,post another ad for a tech,guess I'll wait awhile.hehe

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    So, Replyhvac, tell us how you really feel.

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    That was funny.
    Typical know it all Yankee assclown....
    If common sense is so common how come so few of us have it!

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    We try to tell you yankees to stay your butts were ever you come from. You just gotta see for yourself, don't ya? That's why some mech shops post signs that say "we don't give a damn how you did it up north." It's not that we lack respect for our friends from the north,it's that we get tired of listening to the homesick ones cry endlessly about how good it was back home.If it was so much better back there,why did you leave? Funny thing is there are no more native Floridians left in the state,what with all the northerns moving down and the cubans moving up we are leaving fast. The other funny thing is that florida is a tourist state. Mickey, busch gardens, the beaches ,nascar,and the porno all just for "you" the "tourist".
    Harv! "native florida boy" swamp raised,swim with sharks, and waded with gators,and fought the mighty mosquitter ,but had to get out cause the foriegners were taken over.Will the last man out please bring the flag.Thanks

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    You hard workin boys up north take a good look right here. This is why you'll get a job down this way real quick. Only two of the employees in my company are natives...neither one is worth a damn. Lazy, slow, *****in all the time...we let go of another one few moths back...hell, even had one walk of the job and all the way home with tears in his eyes and sni..sni..snifflin Dixie cause he couldn't take the ball bustin... The boss is afraid to hire any more of em... Listen to em whine...

    [Edited by mjr on 03-26-2004 at 10:38 PM]

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    San Francisco, Bay area. May be moving to Las Vegas soon.

    Whats the trend curve on this disaster?


    I have been out of service business and in the consulting engineering business from 1987 to 1998... and apparently the HVAC service technician quality has tanked completely in many areas. I was posting an HVAC news group a while back. Mostly residential guys. I wont comment. Some were bright on some issues though.

    I can tell you for sure that quality coming out of american engineering offices would blow your mind...too many storys to tell. Just totally south in the 80 to 90% range. People with no clue. A 5% competency rate from my perspective. 40% able to issue something that a contractor could at least build into something workable...and fully 50% producing nothing less than complete disasters.. the contractors re-engineer the job after they get it.

    On the HVACR trade this is a union shop area, SF Calif, 80% on anything good sized. they have some training programs.
    I see no shortage of disasters coming from many operating 'engineers'... but most of the constuction union guys you run into will not screw up totally, and if they do, it will be done neatly...and everyone shows up.

    When I was in Dallas Tx at Texas instruments engineering electronics fabs and running the projects I found a very high competency rate among virtually everyone that contracted work on the site... the last of that was in 1998.

    Florida sounds like an exception...but somehow, with negative tax incentives for working hard these days, and the baby boomers starting to retire...I suspect this disaster will spread.

    If thats right, could I get a few guess on the spread rate, and a prognosis on what will result.

    I am interested that with service so bad in florida that some company doesn't just do it right at a much higher rate. Offer fast service and 100% warranties or whatever.

    Why is that strategy not being tried... or why is the tactic failing in florida? Are the strip malls and hookers all broke or something?

    Is it a third world demographic taking the whole place down? If that the case, the problem will spread fast as illegals start filling spots vacated by those retiring.

    A person will have to structure for that unless he wants to compete at the 15 dollar an hour level.

    Phil Scott

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