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Thread: Two quotes

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    Two quotes

    After studying the suggested recommendations for HP systems from a number of gentlemen on this site, I requested quotes from 2 different companies and brands. My specs are:

    • Minimum Desired Specs 15 SEER,12.5 EER, 9 HSPF
    • Full BTUs for the size both in cooling and heating mode
    • Variable speed blower
    • R-410 scroll compressor
    • new and correctly sized refrigerant line set
    • low ambient starting/performance
    • Electronic demand defrost preferred over timed defrost
    • A thermostat that will control variable speed blower.
    • Tin plated coil (formicary corrosion)
    • Man. J to determine the cfm needed for each room.
    • Staged heating elements (15kw total)
    • 10 year parts/labor warranty
    • Honeywell IAQ thermostat or Bryant Evolution equivalent

    I have now received two quotes:

    Quote #1:

    AHRI 1382162 (4TWX5036A1 and 4TEE3F39A1) and meeting all above specs or equivalent for a Trane system.

    Quote #2:

    I can find no matching AHRI number for the Bryant quote. The components listed are:
    FE4AN005 Evolution Air Handler coupled with the 266ANA036 heat pump and meeting the above specs.

    I have some experience with the Bryant dealer, and their work has always been sufficient. My daughter and SIL had a good experience with the Trane dealer.

    I am troubled by the fact that I cannot find a system number from AHRI that stipulates being eligible for the Federal tax credit even though in the quote he says it does qualify.

    I am also concerned regarding an almost 18% price difference of the Bryant over the Trane. Is there that much a difference in the quality/capability of the units?

    Thank you for any counsel

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    It would be a good idea for them to put the ARHI#(s) on the quote.Better yet, copy of the cert. Have you called them and asked?

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    AHRI has the slowest damn webpage ever but cert # 3496817 is the Bryant system...And yes its meets the federal tax credit requirements. And its has the edge on the Trane system.

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    I'm not aware of any trane products that compare to the evolution system with regard to zoning capabilities. If you want J calcs room to room, you're probably the type of person that would find zoning features of great benefit. If that statement is true...then you are comparing apples to animals. Don't hold your breath waiting for replies on what things are worth (+18%).

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