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    Vacuum Oil with POE Oil???

    I was performing an evacuation of a new install using a 2-Stage Yellow Jacket Vacuum Pump. Suddenly my vacuum pump got disconnected. I noticed the oil level in my pump had dropped. I believe I got some of my vacuum oil in my system. I don't know the exact amount? What are the consequences of if I leave vacuum oil in the system. Does anyone had this happen to them.

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    Mineral oil mixed with poe problem not a good thing. I'm sure more will post in soon.

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    Sorry this happened to you. You should have placed a check valve in line to prevent this. Only a few drops of mineral oil will contaminate a poe charge of oil. Pull it all out of the system, get some rx11 flush and flush thoroughly after you remove the compressor and drain the oil. Add fresh poe and get the compressor soldered in quick, replace driers, pull vacuum with check valve in between vac pump and system and evacuate to 500 microns. Share this info with all your fellow techs immediately as this is a costly incident. Good luck my friend!
    It might get loud!

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