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Thread: Fan wall Info.

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    Fan wall Info.

    Does anyone have PDF. or other info for the fan Wall technology.
    A their site I viewed one graphic that showed over 18 fans.

    How many VFD's would that require?
    What control stratergy is used for staging?
    What are the cons to implementing such a system?

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    You can control multiple motors to the same frequency with one vfd and signal. I don't know the details of Fanwall does what they do, but that's the way I would do it. It's a pretty neat product they have, and I'd be interested in reading more about it as well.

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    we have been working on fanwall for over a year now performing start up and service. most of the projects we see are either pharma or high end hospitals. the fans are typically all wired back to a single vfd sized for the total load. in many cases, we see redundant vfd's where if there is a fault in the first one, the second picks up the load with no loss of airflow. it takes special programming, but isnt that hard to do. as far as control, in most cases, we see they are one of two things, either controlled from a bas with an aorflow station on critical units, or with an input signal from a bas and then a setpoint in the vfd, for example, when energized go to 46 hertz. this needs to be set with the balancer to do it that way. fan wall modules are compact, energy efficient, self contained, easy to service, extremely quiet in most cases. cons???less maintenance for the service guy. most units we see can operate with one or more "modules" failed and still meet desired airflow conditions. typically they are oversized, and run at less than full load for this reason. you cana checkout to see more info on these suckers.

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