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Thread: electric vs gas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Bee View Post
    Have you seen the induction cooktop? It uses eddy currents from a 'Work Coil' to induce heat into the pan itself. No heating elements, it has to be a metal pan though. It is real fast like a microwave. And very efficient.
    how is it at maintaining a low temp? my electric glass top cycles the "burner" off and on to maintain instead of steady heat you get burst of hot then nothing..pain in the ass Frigidaire

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    I don't own one but people who do say it is very good at low temperature control. Go by your local sears and look. This is not new technology. We had these at sears in the early 80's. Sanyo built one for sears and it was state of the art for its time.
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    As afr as the Home owners Geshtapo goes a "aquired" empty beer keg could convienyently (spelling?) hid a 30lb propane tank to hookup from inside the basement or garage. The keg hides it to get it filled, cut a hole in the keg and put the tank inside
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    I have a gas cooktop and an electric convection oven.

    Wolf top is real nice.
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