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    oil analysis for Mcquay Frame 4 screw compressor

    dear friends

    Iwant to make oil analysis for Mcquay Frame4 series compressor, oil type is mobil eal 68 we can make it at Mobil laboratory but I need to know reference value for frame 4 compressor (max.Total acidnumber, max. contamination level, max. humidity level, max. copper- aluminium- iron element level , etc..)

    if somebody help me it would be highly appreciated

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    call the factory in staunton VA

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    you could go that route or if you have an aireco or united refrigeration near by you could use National Refrigerants. They have a top-notch program


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    I love it. I have had more work from people trying out oils that were supposed to be exactly like what the factory supplies.

    Spend the extra $ and get the factory supplied and tested oil.
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