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    Anyone work for Cimco Refrigeration ?

    Just curious to know what its like to work for them . If anybody knows anything I would be interested to know .


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    I dont work for them, but I am familiarwith their ice rink skids, and to some degree the company. We service several facilities with their skids. it seems at times that they are like any big company, in that onehand doesny know what the other is doing. as a contractor, it is difficult to get information form them. as an employee, i imagine it would be better. they sell a lot of equipment around north america, and it does work for the most part. everything we have seen is off the shelf type stuff, where you can get what you need locally in terms of relays and that kind of thing. as a service tech, i dont think you are at home a whole lot, but you do make money. most of the guys we have seen on jobs are ua fitters out of canada, who only supervise installation or start up. not bad work.

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    My friend been with them for 15 years and all over the world and loves it......

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