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    Hello fellas, I have a RTHC I was doing a stop on . I was able to get the oil filter element changed after beating the ring off eventually. But the refrigerant element I was unable to break loose. Chiller is right next to a wall on the filter/back side. Looks like the threads are rusted up pretty good. Does anybody have any good ideas on how to break this canister open.I appreciate the input.

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    That cold filter will sweat, the line is usually insulated causing the threads to get really rusted-up. Try cleaning the rust the best you can. Hitting w/ some penetrating spray has worked. Hope this can help.
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    Those things are a pain in the ass. I had one on a CVHF for the eductor return behind the starter, couldnt break it loose . Cut it out heated the ring with a cutting torch had helper with 4ft pipe wrench and 6ft helper pipe trying to bust it loose way ....tossed it in the junk and replaced with the retro kit which has a purifier purge DHY337 style drier in the kit .
    There may be a similar kit for the RTHC .
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