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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by mattm
    [B]Take it to the nearest cliff and push it off then go buy a Chevy...............after you un-hook the Chevy from the tow truck go to e-bay and search for a Ford.

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    Had a service truck, an 89 GMC. Used to start on the first tickle. Then one fine day the primary fuel pump died. The one isside the tank.
    Once we replaced it with a dealer item, the truck was like yours, several seconds hesitation before it would start.

    Took it in for a tuneup and still the same way.

    Sounds like that drain back is the culprit. Do the test, it should tell all.

    Post what ya found.

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    You might want to take a stab at and ask your question. I will say this as a warning: Don't go into OT unless you like dealing with overgrown kids that don't play well with others. I have a 1979 CJ7 and it's never ending. Last week I fixed an axel seal, dented diff cover, and a fuel leak.

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