Now here's some typical blower access we have to deal with!
No cat walk either. You got to SQUEEZE between the panel and insulation while stradling the TRUSS's and trying NOT to crush the flex duct everywhere like a damn spagetti dinner gone wrong!

Also WATCH OUT for that brittle as hell ORANGE SPRINKLER LINE!!!! It ran right in the area you have to CRAWL through to get to the blower section at the other end!

Another tech from the company took this picture and gave it to me. He was mad he had to deal with this crap! There's No reason for any of it. but our inspectors in Phoenix MUST get paid off by the builders or something, because THIS is normal! Some are WORSE!!!
Duct strap??? We don't need any stinkin' DUCT STRAP!
Let the truss's hold it up! Floppy flop flop!