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    Hypothetical--NATE certification versus experience?

    Hypothetical situation.

    You are the guy hiring a tech for your company.

    You are hiring for the coming summer season.

    You have several applicants with five years or more of experience.

    You have one applicant with about five MONTHS of experience but with NATE certification. (We'll say the NATE certs are the minimum--core, gas heat, and heat pumps.)

    (We'll say none of the more experienced folks have the NATE certification.)

    Is it almost a certainty that the guy with five months and NATE will have his resume gliding straight to the trash can?

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    I have this theory about people. Michael Jordan was 90% as good a basketball player as he ever was the day he stepped on to a court for the first time. My point is do you want to take a chance on a guy who could be the best technician you will ever see. The fact that he acquired that Nate certification says a lot. A company I used to work for gave a technical test before hiring any body, and the HR manager told me that techs would come in to apply and as soon as they found out there was a test they would leave and not come back. My point is either you can fix things or you can't. One thing I always ask young people interested in doing this is do you work on your car? I started tearing tape recorders phonographs and radios apart when I was 10 years old. I had a real curiosity for how things work and when it breaks why won't it work? Which one of those hypothetical guys is that guy? He is the one I want to hire!!
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    That is an exaggerated example. I am not a huge fan of Nate, but I see it as a tool.
    A realistic example: Two guys one with 5 years of experience service and stall, and the other with three years of experience and has most of his Nate certs.

    As an employer I would look at the amount of time the second guy has put into his career and would most likely hire him over a guy with 5 years of experience.

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