Good morning all,

Have a Taco BB1508 7.4 XXXXX circ pump 1975 vintage. Shaft seals had been leaking for quite awhile, finally got the ok to fix it. Tore pump apart and replaced seals as I have with quite a few of these model pumps, no big deal. After disassembly I noticed that the pump shaft beneath shaft sleeve had many galges and imperfections in it, probably from some previous yahoo trying to beat off the shaft sleeve with a chisel. Try cleaning up shaft and reassemble, what do you know water leaking between the shaft and sleeve. So I'm thinking about pulling the pump back apart and joining the shaft and shaft sleeve with retaining compound like you do with some other manufactures pumps. I'm hoping the retaining compound with fill in the voids in the pump shaft. Any one see a problem with this or have any other ideas? Thanks.