There must be some DUMB electricians to do what this guy did on this job.

Today I got a no cool call on a bussiness. Yes, no cools have started in Phoenix allready!

So I go there and check it out. First of all the unit was quite the site!

The unit was just sitting outside on a boxed return as if in a closet, but NOT in a closet. The ductwork went off of it and thru the wall.

You know it's a cheap job when a GOODMAN is there!

So. I turn the t-stat on and the condenser doesn't run. No big deal as I remove the cover to the condenser. No power. I check the breaker, it's not tripped.
SO I look in the disconnect. No power on EITHER leg. Hmm.....
So I take apart the disconnect and what do I see?

The wires coming in from the main breaker panel were disconnected from the "line" terminals of the disconnect and wire nutted to some other wires then ran out of the disconnect to the new conduit shown to the left of the disconnect. I'm thinking "why? what the heck???"

So I follow the new looking conduit around the building. It goes through the wall. I go inside the bathroom to find...

This. A new intant hot water heater under a sink.
SO I go back outside. Look in the breaker panel to see...

This. The electrician removed one of the wires from the 2 pole breaker and connected it to nuetral. This was to supply 120V to his newly installed water heater. He used the existing A/C breaker!!!

That dumb a$$ actually had the NERVE to run his NEW wires in conduit far enough to the condenser's disconnect box, use it for his j-box and remove the power from the condenser for his water heater!!!

The owner of the bussiness was pist. I could hardly keep from laughing. Actually, I DID laugh at it. I could not understand a electrician doing this.

So I recommended that since I was there for me to switch the wires real quick so i can make SURE the A/C works. They agreed and I switched it back to this...

and switched the wires back in the disconnect to the proper terminals leaving the electricians wires capped off.

I told the owners the electrician better run a dedicated line for his water heater and not pull that crap again!

They must give anybody a license to be an electrician???

All in all at least it was a easy job for me and I got some photos out of it :-)