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    Johnson Controls NAE Graphics

    Any ideas about how to modify the background image that is being used in a graphic on the NAE? I think that it is supposed to be a .svg or .jpg file, but I cannot find anything on the NAE. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    There is an option to save background image. The problem is that it saves it in .svg and you can import it into visio and it will convert, but it looks like crap and won't go back onto the NAE properly. You can try to save it as a jpeg and overlay any changes that you need to make. The best option would be to get the original .vsd files.

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    Any idea as to where to look for those? Would they be on the NAE?

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    usually the tech that made your graphics will have them or on rare occasions the put back-ups on your computer.

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    Thats what I thought. Thanks much.

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    save it as svg and use a different drawing package to modify it. I like Adobe Illustrator.

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