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    Question seeking independent HRV unit recommendation

    I'm having a small (14 x 30) stick-built man-cave put on our property in the mountainous desert area of west Texas. We've got low humidity, and there will be no bathroom or kitchen, so no water to speak of. The building design and construction should make it fairly air-tight so I believe I need an HRV to keep the air fresh.

    I plan on using a mini-split system to heat and cool the space so integrating an HRV doesn't appear possible. I found an under-$ HRV from Suncourt, which simply shuts off when the outside temp drops below 40, while a local HVAC guy who wasn't familiar with HRVs came back with a $ Honeywell ERV that has a defroster. Maybe the Suncourt Airiva is fine but I'm curious what pros who are familiar with HRVs would recommend in my application.

    Thank you!
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