Hey nice job Paul and Vicki !!! Looks like you got this organized pretty well---and EARLY!

We have been away all of February. So this is the first I had a chance to respond.

The War Department and I have been to every convention so far as well. It bummed me out that we had to leave Canada early last August. But it looks like it will be clear sailing for us this year. Maybe we can stay the few extra days as well. (Being that we have an Indian Scout in the area!!)

To those that have never been all I can say is GO !!! All you need to know is how to spell refrickeratshun-- refregaratorion--reforgotartion -- an you'll fit right in. .

Don't be afraid to bring your Lady. The other wifes and girlfriends will take her right under their wings and they have as good if not better a time than the guys. (if that is possible)

The best part is that you are going to the convention in someone's hometown. So that means you get to see a spot in the world that you probably won't think of going without a reason. Like this year. Sounds like Paul has everything set up. Therefore there is no questions about what you are going to do when we get there.

One question of Paul. How come 2 motels? Is one the main one and the other the overflow one?? If so which one will be the main one. THE REASON I ASK IS THAT I DON'T WANT TO MISS THE FRIDAY NIGHT 'PARKING LOT PARTY'