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Thread: Carrier 58vmr

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    Carrier 58vmr

    I have a new Carrier 58vmr120 oil burning furnace. The technicians have been out 3 different times after installation to try to fix this problem. The oil burner trips off but the blower continues to run. They are telling me the unit is overheating and tripping on high temperature. The frustrating part of this is it only trips once every other day. When I press the illuminated red reset button on the Riello burner the unit starts up normal and runs for 24 hours with no problem. The technicians have replaced the fuel filter, air filter, nozzle, and checked cfm output from the blower. I am calling them out again, any idea of what the problem could be or what you would have them check.

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    They need to use a combustion annalyzer to set up the burner.

    Its not tripping on high limit if you have to push the reset button on the burner.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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