I had a WaterFurnace installer visit my home today for a quote. I live in toronto, On Canada.

He said that I would have to install an 60 amp breaker to my electric panel and run a 50 ft line from the box to the furnace room (I have a finished basement, do gonna be a messy job).

Anyhow, he said I need that electric line for the electric heating unit that will provide supplemental electric heat to assist the Envision furnace on really cold days.

Is this true???? I see nothing in the WaterFurnace literature saying it requires additional electric heat. This would completely defeat the purpose of installing a geothermal unit in my opinion.

It could turn out that my electric bills will be considerably higher if the weather stays cold for prolonged periods. Shame on WaterFurance if this is the case. or, shame on the WF dealer who came to my house today and is misleading me.

Can someone please clarify if this electric heater is required??