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    Time Delay Needed

    I need a Time delay relay "Ice Cube" It needs to Make for 2 seconds (adjustable) when power is initially applied to A / B terminal. I need it to have an off time of 60 minutes (adjustable), then it recycles another Make of 2 seconds, repeating this cycle.

    I have looked at several relays, but they don't tell me what happens on the initial power up.

    One that looks promising is the IDEC RTE Series.

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    There are a number of piloted multifunction time delay relays on the market. Allen Bradley makes them. Omron makes them. I think Kloekner Moeller makes them as well.

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    I found my Relay, it's an Artisan 2600SA-3 -3 is 24 VAC Model. Made in USA too !!

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