I'm presently tasked with the disassembly of a YT design 'E', compressor YDTH 126, to be moved to another building. The York library in the shop has been decimated.
I have to remove the compressor from the machine for the move.
My main question is : on the rotor scroll housing, opposite the discharge nozzle, are 2 leveling screws that are locked in with nuts, and are threaded into the scroll. There are no machined areas to reliably take a dimension. Is there a procedure for dis/re assembly? I do not have the teardown on the YDTH, have them on all the other design compressors, and this is not addressed. The info may be in publication# 160.46-N1.2 (installation of a dismantled unit)
Also, anyone have weights? I have K3 and K1 shells, and a CU motor. Probably will seperate the rotor support from the scroll housing to cut down on the rigging weight.
Thanks, Bob