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Thread: Efftec ?

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    Efftec ?

    Anybody had any experience with this Co. ? I am not promoting or rippin on em, just curious if any of you have seen their systems installed. If so how did they preform? Good, Bad, other?
    I think the jist of what they do is install a lot of sensors and software to monitor your chillers and then report via e-mail(?), if the software suspects your system may be operating in-efficiently.
    My personal opinion is that this can already be done by a good BAS system, and it sounds expensive setting up all the sensors and software required.
    Their website does offer a lot of good info on chiller basics if somebody needs to learn.
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    As long as you can regulate set-backs, staging as well as monitoring temp. and the software is friendly it's great. I'm sure the pay back will be very fast during high use times.. I've seen some new stuff that will even monitor the expansion tank levels..
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    Their news updates seem to have stopped at Nov if 2007. Wonder if they are still viable? This kind of business model should prosper in our current economy and political environment. Also noticed only one case study reported.

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