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    I was servicing an Archguard B-vent insert today. No problems until I went
    to reassemble. I couldn't remember where the spill switch wires went. One
    had been connected to the TP terminal on the valve. The other wire went to a
    terminal on the valve but I couldn't remember which one. As I got to looking
    at it the whole thing didn't make sense, there was no way the switch was
    going to break the circuit, at least in my electrically challenged mind. One
    wire end was stuck in a Y fitting but not crimped. It just fell out as I was
    messing with it. No matter where I put the 2nd lead (the one not connected
    to TP) the valve would not work unless they both were on the same terminal.

    The schematic in the manual showed one leg of the thermopile with the spill
    switch in series. The landlord had the same stove so I went to look at his -
    His valve has both spill switch leads connected on the back left side of the
    valve at a terminal there. Adifferent setup altogether.

    I can't find a terminal for my second wire anywhere on the valve. The
    terminals TH/TP, TP, and TH don't seem to be where a spill switch leg should
    go and the whole valve won't work if the spill legs are connected to TH/TP
    or TH with the other leg on TP. I'm beginning to think this was the wrong
    valve for this stove and that the spill switch never did work.


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    Do you already have yor anwser??

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    Smile Sit 820

    I did get it figured out. The switch never was wired properly. I put the spill switch in series on one leg to TH/TP and everything worked like its supposed to.

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