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    methyl alcohol fumes

    My Geo system was officially turned on dec. 2, 2009. Except for an ECM blower problem, (the contractor will not install one ) the system has been working.
    Here is my problem now. Since Jan. 1, 2010 I have woken up with extremely irritated, burning, red eyes, numb hands and headaches. This is unusual for me. About Jan. 6 I smelled a somewhat "sweet smell" in the house and thought of the Methyl alcohol mixture in my geo system. I brought home my combustible gas detector from work the next day and it went nuts around the pump pack canister and pump flanges. I unscrewed the big plastic threaded top of the pump pack canister and wrapped teflon tape around the threads. It helped a little but was still getting a reading on the detector. Tonight I re-wrapped the plastic top with teflon and it still didn't help and the fumes seem to be worse than ever. There is NO liquid on the floor of the basement. This seem to have started the first day of Jan. 2010 when it was minus 30 degrees here and -20 every night for the next 6 days.
    I now have a window open in the basement and one one the first floor and the bathroom exhaust on , thank goodness it's only + 18 right now.
    I unfortunetely don't have a good working relationship with the contractor so I don't know where to turn.
    Any advice would not only be appreciated but may save my health!

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    I suggest you get a qualified company out there to take a look at your set up before someone gets hurt.

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    What was the outcome? I think I may have a similar issue. We are in the process of having our system installed. They flushed the system today and put in the anti-freeze. My wife was home when they did it and she said there was a distinct smell. When I got home I could really smell it in the garage (where the entrance to the crawl space is) and the less so in the house. It is as you describe a sweet smell. You said yours was methanol, but I was told they were putting ethanol in ours. I have a call into the contractor, but no call back yet. How concerned should I be?

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