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    Nov 2007
    I am unsure myself
    Started 3 days after my 19th birthday been almost 11 yrs now and no looking back and no regrets.

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    Oct 2009
    Ontario, Canada
    22 lol. Started trade school in September. Had a few experiences starting at 17 when I would work at a grocery store and would get sent to go help the Refrigeration guy service our MT walk-in.

    Wish I would have taken the course when I was 18 or 19. I might have ended up better off at 23 than I am now.

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    Jan 2010
    West Newbury, MA
    I'm 40 and considering HVAC as a career change. Live in MA and looking at the Peterson School. Pros/Cons..? I'd very much appreciate advice on job outlook and what avenue to take to get off to the best start..

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    Nov 2000
    Eastern PA
    I was 15 years old when I was ejected from the Baltimore City school system for being a hippie radical. The first company that believed I was 18 years old and would give me a job was an HVAC company looking for a shop laborer for their sheet metal shop.
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    Jul 2008
    syracuse Ny
    I was 17 when i started doing repair work, working for a company my dad worked for. I left the field for a few years to be a welder, then when the plant i was working for closed i went back to HVAC and now am lead lab tech for a HVAC compressor company.

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    Dec 2009
    Roswell, Georgia
    Age 32, fascinated by hvac and refrigeration after 10 years in the restaurant business. I cleaned coils, changed filters ....and viola... and it stayed cool in the restaurant and stuff broke down a lot less often.

    Looked over the hvac guy's shoulder every time he came out.

    Went to school 8AM to 1PM every day M-F, worked 4 PM to 1AM, got up at 5 AM to take 1 and 3 yr olds to day care before school everyday. For 2 years straight - no summers off! (Wife worked 5 am to 3PM).......I was one tired puppy......

    Made A's, got offered a scholarship / free school, but I turned it down and told them to give it to the next best guy in the class who had 4 kids and no job.

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    May 2001
    Bennington, Vermont U.S.A.
    Back in 1964 is when I started in this trade. I was 19. Holy crap that's 46 years !!! Time for a career change, don't ya think?

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    Dec 2006
    Middle Tennessee


    18 years old in 1980
    1979 HVAC vocational tech. school, never finished, it was a party though
    1980 started crawling in attics doing ductwork
    1981 started installing equipment
    1988 got into service trade
    1993 finally got better at service work
    1994 got serious about learning, drew electrical schematics for a year (on my own time)
    1995 picked up a commercial service tech. position
    2005 after working in commercial trade for 10 years moved to Tennessee
    2005 made the transition to heat pumps and furnaces, which with past experience, this was fun and easy
    2009 back to Miami installing new communicating equipment

    the point here is, we are always learning, it's never too late, the earlier you get started the better

    if your serious and motivated, get an HVAC job, pay attention, study at home, you can make top dollar in 5 years, but this is not typical results


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    Jan 2010
    The state of confusion
    I was 22 when I started. I'm now 35 and FINALLY just 4 months ago got out of the field into a nice airconditioned job in the office.

    Everytime I see one of the techs come in with mud from toe to elbows, cobwebs covering their hats, dust on their face, and smelling like a moldy crawlspace, I remember why I don't miss the field. Running my own bussiness for 6 years ruined the "thrill of the field" for me I guess.

    Now all I have to do is show up, sell stuff, and answer technical questions.
    In a 70 degree office with a cold mountain dew in my hand, instead of a 170 degree attic with hot insulation down my shirt.......I'm blessed!

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    Jan 2004
    Here and there
    Feb of 1987 21 y/o Still with same firm. Too dumb to do anything else and this feeds the family.
    i belong to peta ... people eating tasty animals. all my opinions are just mine.

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    May 2009
    South of Heaven
    I was 16 years old on work study ( early dismiss ) in high school. I swept the floor and insulated duct ( liner ) in a sheet metal shop ( 1986 ). One day , about 3 months into the job , I asked " what the hell are we making anyway " ? The shop foreman pointed up at the ceiling ( to the exposed rectangular duct providing cool air into the shop ). I was not impressed , lol.

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    Mar 2008
    I was 27, and that was five yrs ago now. I had worked in sales/retail and it grew tiresome. So when my inlaws offered me an opporunity to work for them, I cautiously accepted. I started at 10 dollars an hour, so i took a 50,000 dollar paycut to be a helper for a kid that was 23. I was i never did anything remotely close to working with my hands. 5 yrs later and this is my first season as a service tech, and i don't regret my decision one bit. good luck to the OP.
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    Sep 2005
    Atlanta GA area
    Tried college, not for me...

    Tried other things... ended up doing residential remodeling; kitchens, baths, room additions, etc... Good at it. Never built homes though... not sure why.

    In the latter '90's I was finishing basements, and had a problem with HVAC contractors... they wanted to size the system in the basement at 600-700 ft/ton... It did not take a rocket scientist to realize that would not work (properly).

    I learned the HVAC trade by reading a lot of books and fiddling with it. A friend that did my basements signed me off and I took the test... earned a 93 the first time.

    Received my license in 2002, I was 50 at the time. Now I am closer to 60, and thoroughly enjoy the trade.

    Quality work at a fair price with excellent customer service!

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