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    How old where you when you got into HVACR?

    How old was you when you started in this trade? I am just curious, because i am 38, and just started 5 months ago as a install helper, and go to school at night. This is a second career for me. Most guys at work are much younger then me, and tell me i am crazy for wanting to do this stuff. LOL. In my opinion you are only as old as you feel, and i can crawl in those attics, and crawl spaces with the best of them. I eventually want to become a Service Tech, so i go to school, and put one tech tool a month on the employer tool account to show the employer my future interests. By the ripe age of 42 i will be done my 4yr school, and hopefully be a service tech. Green service tech, but a tech none the less.

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    I was... humm... 21 or maybe 20 when I got into this trade, I'd have to think on that, and I refuse to wake my brain up at this time of night lol.

    I'd say in general the guys I know that are doing this trade seem to have gotten in when they were in their 20's, but I don't see anything wrong with being your age and getting into it as long as you're determined.

    Heck there's some guys on this board who are old enough we're amazed they are still allowed to drive, much less run calls, but they do every day
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    as long as the desire to learn is's never too late
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    started working with Dad when i was 10 yrs old, been at it for 40 yrs......

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    14 i guess is when they started me crawling under houses and such as needed,at about 18 0r 19 i went to work for about 6 months i guess as installer helper,didn't last.....then about 23 years old i started back at it and have been doing it off and on since then.........i'm now 38.

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    18 when I started tech school,19 when I went into the field and 44 now,knees and back definitely feel it.
    I love overtime I just hate working for it.

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    Worked day and night shift at an arena when we had shows. Guy who ran an ice show that was in town said, "kid, I'll pay you $3/hour (side-work?) to check these gauges. If they do this or this, call me at the hotel".
    Gotta start some where.

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    19. I was working a dead-end fast food job full time after I basically dropped out of college.

    Dad offered me a chance at this job and I haven't looked back.

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    19 first day at work Pearl harbor day 1988. First day of apprenticeship too.
    You sure are cocky for a starving pilgrim.

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    In a mechanical room....
    I started like allot of guys when I was a kid and never looked back, 10 years in the trenches.

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    I guess I would be one of the older one's to chime in, never touched an air handling unit until I was 48. I had a controls background and the opportunity came up when I was looking for one. I do maintenance and the first few months was tough on the body and I was wondered if I did the right thing. A year latter and I am managing alright.

    I went back to school at 37 and graduated at 39 so I have an idea where you are at. I do not regret doing it one minute. Get a few certifications or pieces of paper behind your name, people tend to like that kind of stuff. While crawling around on your belly is an honorable thing to do it would not hurt developing skills that can get you using your brain more as you get older.

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    Well I have to go back as far as say ...... 4 years old, yep I was a coolin myself in the pond, wonder if that qualifys for workin !!! For getting paid fer it, I would have to say Uncle Sam started me in 78, been learnin ever since. Your a guy who's going after a dream, this trade will make ya or break ya, its all up to you....... Best to ya and don't let dem younger ones slow ya down...... If ya behave some of us "OLD GRUMPY" HAVC guys will be glad to help ya along, won't we guys ???

    I gota get a "padded" pondering bucket, old buns are barkin.....

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    way too young


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